Photocartographies: Tattered Fragments of the Map was a curatorial project materializing in multiple forms: and exhibition, a publication, and a series of public programs. Co-curated by Adam Katz and myself, the exhibition was held at g727 Gallery in downtown Los Angeles from May to July of 2009. 

The artworks presented in Photocartographies were a survey of diverse perspectives projected along the horizon of our mappable world.  The geographies created by these artists were not only physical, but psychosocial. Although much of the work employees photography, there was a welcome uncertainty in these image-objects which reflect the shifting, contested, and a mysterious nature of our current cultural, environmental, and built landscapes.

Artists included Anthony Auerbach, Katherine Bash, Noah Beil, Cris Benton, Frank Gohlke, Gregory Michael Hernandez, David Horvitz, David Maisel, Adam Ryder, Oraib Toukan, Angie Waller and Nikolas Schiller.

In Tattered Fragments of the Map, jointly edited by Adam Katz and myself, artists were joined by critics and scholars in a collection of essays that explore broader themes orbiting around the terrain of photographic and cartographic representation, image making and consumption, and the experience and interpretation of landscape. Rather than drawing conclusions from the work presented in the exhibition, this collection of texts is offered as a projection, a departure, a tangent, a gesture towards new territories for thought and inquiry.

Contributors included Bill Brown, William L. Fox, Elizabeth Dickinson, Herbert Gottfried, Gerardo Greene Gondi, Alex Haber, Simone Hancox, Anusha Venkataraman, artists Anthony Auerbach, Katherine Bash, Cris Benton, as well as Adam Katz and myself.