Edge of Light was the result of a collaborative artist residency with Adam Ryder at The Center for Land Use Interpretation in Wendover, Utah during the summer of 2010. This series of nighttime photographs recorded our investigations of the interstitial and unoccupied spaces at the edge of an interstate highway, a ruined Air Force base, and between nightlife zones and the tract housing of casino workers on the desert border of Utah and Nevada. We set out to document the ambient light emitting from commercial, municipal, and residential light sources in an attempt to locate a mythical “edge of light” that dissipated into the high desert.

These images were on display at Exhibition Hall 2 of the Center for Land Use Interpretation from May 2012 to November 2018, at which point they were acquired by the archive collection of the Nevada Museum of Art’s Center for Art + Environment.

More about the project may be found in this 2011 feature at Places Journal.